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Experts providing software and hardware task automation solutions, specialist in UI automation, web scraping, data mining, macros, arduino and other similar technologies.

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Development of desktop, mobile and web systems using the latest technologies and frameworks to provide the most modern, stable and optimized features.

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IT Consulting

Focused on the design, development and implementation of technologies and customized solutions for the optimal performance of any work environment, committed to providing maximum satisfaction for our customers.

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Creating modern, responsive and beautiful web pages for people and companies, using the most powerful web technologies and hosting services.

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Who is Danysys?
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Danysys is a very small team led by two people (twins) who have been involved in the world of technologies for a while (Over 20 years of experience), during which we have provided a wide variety of technological solutions. Today, a growing team committed and passionate in providing the best solutions, characterized by satisfying and harmonizing the needs of our customers.
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  • Selenium, AutoIt, VBA, Powershell, Batch, AutoHotKey, Python, Curl, PHP, Arduino.

  • C#, VB .Net, Python, C++, PureBasic, AutoIt, SQLite, SQL Server.

  • Smart Design Solutions, Hardware, Software and System Recommendations, Training Users, General Support.

  • WordPress, Laravel, Web API, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Node.js.

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